A stainless steel and glass bulk dispenser!

Distributeur vrac professionnelle

A completely new concept – the first transportable and modular bulk product dispenser on the market!

Do you want to renew the equipment for your bulk grocery store, enhance your organic store with a bulk products section, or develop a new concept for a responsible food boutique?
Have you thought about the layout of your sales area and, above all, the containers in which you’ll be displaying your products?

Bulk distribution means offering your customers presentation and self-service solutions that guarantee ease of use, robust and attractive professional equipment for your business, and impeccable hygiene.

It’s to help you meet this need for sobriety and quality in the distribution of your products that Vrac Attitude offers you its sober and ecological silo solution.


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It is possible to modulate and stack the dispenser together according to 3 configurations:

1- The dispenser alone: transport and storage configuration*
– Robust and stable, this dispenser is designed to be transportable. So, once empty, all you have to do is wash it and then give it to your favorite local producer. Once filled, all you have to do is put it on the shelf!
– No more tedious filling of dispenser, you save precious time and you limit boring tasks!
– You eliminate the packaging with your suppliers, you are in perfect coherence of zero waste and plastic-free!
– Less handling also means less waste, better traceability and much more hygiene.
– Obviousely, you can still fill the dispenser by yourself in the classic way.

2- Simple distributor configuration
You can mount the distributor module directly in the sales area. The glass window allows the customer to perfectly see the product in the dispenser.
– The dispenser module makes it possible to serve without a handle*, the customer can hold their container with both hands to ensure better grip. It’s happened to many of us, surprised by the weight, we let food escape on the floor…
– Handleless also means better hygiene in your store!
– Another advantage, overflow is impossible* (see the video presentation on top of this page), no more waste!

3- Double capacity dispenser configuration*
Optimize your space with the ability to stack two storage modules on top of each other. You double your capacity without taking up more space in your room!
The available capacity is increased to 20 liters. Your back is spared because you carry the load twice!

It is possible to have a version with a glass window on the front face of the storage module but this generates an additional cost and it becomes more complicated to be transported to a supplier…

*Application for patents filed

To serve you, nothing could be simpler!

  • place the container under the pourer: a jar, a bag, …
  • push more or less amply to serve you,
  • release the pourer and it’s in the bag! Or the jar 😉
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With the tool, it is possible to open the hatch:

  • either to connect 2 storage modules: in double capacity configuration
  • or a storage module and a distributor module in the case where the distributor is mounted after filling the storage module.
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Optimal Sterilization and Cleaning:

The only dispensers on the market designed to be dishwasher safe!

Up to 2 complete dispensers can fit in a 50x50cm dishwasher rack.

No more endless and tedious hand washing!

Sterilization is possible with stainless steel and glass, which are inert for the product even at high temperatures. On the other hand, a plastic dispenser should not exceed 60°C to remain compatible with food contact…

Optionally, a version with a window is also available on the Silo module:

As an alternative to the level gauge, an optional version is available with a glass window on the silo module.

Silo de distribution vrac avec fenêtre en verre


The dispenser weight 3.1kg empty. We have taken particular care in the design to limit weight.

The dispenser size:
– Height: 320mm
– Width: 160mm
– Depth: 300mm

The dispenser has a capacity of 10L.
This capacity is equivalent to the average volume of a bulk product purchased from your supplier.

It has been designed to adapt to your needs and limit the size. It hangs on a shelf only 25 cm wide (at least) or directly on a wall.

Plastic-free! The dispenser is 100% and infinitely recyclable! It is made with noble materials such as stainless steel, glass and beech wood (tool handle). These materials are totally inert for the food product they contain.

Designed to last, stainless steel has very high mechanical resistance properties.
Nevertheless, each part can be changed individually.

Designed, manufactured and assembled in France.
More precisely in the Grenoble region.

Easy and fast washing.
The only bulk dispenser on the market designed to go in the dishwasher!
It is possible to put up to 2 dispensers, their lids and 2 distributors in a professional dishwasher (500x500x340mm) per wash cycle.
Unlike plastic, stainless steel withstands high temperatures and remains compatible with food contact.
Sterilization is optimal without any effort!

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Why stainless steel?

The use of plexiglass in bulk dispensers has many problems:

– Plastic retains dust by electrostatic effect, giving the impression of dirty dispensers.
– The plexiglass contaminates the food because of micro-plastic migrations from the walls to the food. The health consequences are unequivocal. Worse still, light and heat (during washing) degrade the plastic, amplifying the release of micro-plastic. A study reveals that we ingest on average the equivalent of a credit card per week of plastic (5 grams)!

– Since plexiglass is transparent, by definition it allows light to pass through, which degrades the nutritional qualities and taste of food.

– And finally, plastic is a disaster for the planet: derived from petrochemicals, non-recyclable, it is at best reusable (once), to be transformed into another product (up to 30%).

For these reasons and also because I have a project to open a bulk grocery store, to remain consistent with the principle of no packaging (and in particular no plastic), I decided to develop my own stainless steel and glass bulk containers. I started during the covid19 lockdown and thought these dispensers could also be beneficial to you!

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